Thursday, 6 December 2012

Little Eris - So Many Nights (Thinking About You)

Single review by KevW

If "wonky pop" wasn't such an annoying term it would be perfect for summing up this new single by Cardiff artist Little Eris. You can pretty much forget comparisons, Little Eris sounds like herself and little else, and 'So Many Nights' can only come from having an over active and highly creative imagination; you're never quite sure where it's going to take you next, or exactly who it's meant for. It's too odd for mainstream radio to pick up on, but too good to be ignored. I guess that's where the hidden corners of the internet blog world come in, and we're more than happy to give this song the credit and publicity it deserves.

The video is barking mad, involving what look like some kind of elaborate pagan rituals with trolls, standing stones and amazing costumes; it's all very 'Alice In Wonderand'. The music begins as sugary dreampop with a clear and quirky (another one of those annoying words) vocal. Then it warps into an electro-rock stomp with speaker-busting bass and sharp beats, but it's pure pop at the same time. The pace drops, the vocals become layered and distant and everything piles on top of each other before being twisted, distorted and generally buggered about with for the ending. Wonky, quirky, whatever. This is ace.

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