Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Drull - LOA

Single review by KevW

Yes it appears we were right when we stated recently that the whole world was gradually being consumed by dreampop and chillwave duos, although the definition of chillwave seems to be getting looser by the day and now basically constitutes anything that contains chilled electronic beats and slightly dreamy feel. So that's half of the bands in LA then. Still, just because there's a lot of something, that doesn't mean it's bad, or it at least means not all of it is bad, in fact the more there is the higher the chance of finding some good stuff. Which brings us to LA chillwave duo Drull who've recently released their debut album as a free download on Bandcamp.

And pretty darn nice it is too, mixing in elements from all over the world of electronic music (the dubstep infused 'In The Night Sky' for example). But we're going to concentrate on the icy and crisp tones of single 'LOA' which is as about as blissful as this pair get. The video is so simple and one dimensional it's beyond belief. Magnetic iron filings bouncing around to the bass on a speaker, and it's quite mesmerizing to watch, proving that great videos can be made for bugger all. The song is the magical twilight that you get just before sunrise set to music. In other words this particular chillwave duo have got both song and film pretty much perfect.

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