Saturday, 1 December 2012

Danny Malone - Spider Legs

Single review by KevW

I've always wondered exactly what it is about Austin, Texas that makes it such a fertile ground for good music. The whole world descends on the place for SXSW, one of global music's biggest events and the list of talented alternative artists born out of it's streets and surrounding areas seems to be greater than any other non-coastal region of the US. Maybe you have to go there to find out, maybe there's just something in the water. Singer-songwriter Danny Malone is another product of that scene and has established quite a name for himself, and maybe new album 'Balloons' will see his star rise further.

Current single 'Spider Legs' isn't staggeringly innovative or overwhelmingly brilliant, it's a spooky, well-written indie/pop/folk track that, vocal-wise at least, isn't far removed from The Postal Service. It works thanks to a steady build, starting as a fairly nondescript but pleasant song, then adding handclaps and more instrumentation as the sound swells and more of a desperate feeling is achieved, ending as something really quite passionate and soul-baring, those vocals intensifying and beginning to crack. Reasonably conventional it may be, but it's carried out incredibly well.

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