Saturday, 1 December 2012

Band To Check Out: BCBG

Article by KevW

I'm not sure what kind of drugs you'd need to take to come up with artwork like that, but if I was offered them I think I'd probably pass for fear of my brain falling into the abyss and never returning. Musically BCBG are slightly psychedelic and off the wall too, but in a less freakish way. The project began in Brazil and the collaboration between Paris based musicians Sam (Feu Machin/kikiilimikilii) and Mariette (Water Sark, Eyes Behind) when they started working with South American artists who have just released the video for their track 'Sailor's Wife' which you can see below.

The project is still in its early stages so there's not a vast amount of listening material available, but the general sound would happily fit in with the witch house scene, although it's less gloomy, and also draws comparisons to UK trip-hop acts such as Portishead. They tend not to follow the traditional songwriter route, put it that way. As well as the hypnotic and dark 'Sailor's Wife', you can also stream the possibly superior track 'White Trees' which continues down this dark path with added intensity and is maybe more consistent with much of the experimental electro-pop-noir that's gradually worming its way into the mainstream. Maybe BCBG will follow suit.

BCBG - Sailor's Wife from Dacio Pinheiro on Vimeo.

BCBG's website

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