Saturday, 5 October 2013

Young Aviators - Sunrise On The Motorway

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Considering it's essentially a record label that's run as part of Stow College, Electric Honey have introduced the world to some big names, most notably Belle & Sebastian, Biffy Clyro, Teenage Fanclub, The Pastels and Snow Patrol. Well new from them this year are Young Aviators, like Snow Patrol before them, an Irish band who've set up camp in Glasgow. Formed in 2009 they've released a couple of EPs and played some notable gigs, but it's this year that they make their move to step up to the next level with the unveiling of debut album 'Self Help'.

Initially given a digital release back in May, it's now that a full release with a bigger promotional push takes place, and we thought we'd introduce you to their indiepop/grunge hybrid (not dissimilar to earlier Teenage Fanclub in that respect) with the album's opening track 'Sunrise On The Motorway'. This is classic sunkissed guitar-pop; it sounds like summer and the chimes of guitar are glazed over with some fabulous harmonies. Following the steady opening, the trio put their foot on the gas (they are on a motorway after all) and head into melodic powerpop territory with a stomping but melodic surge of guitars and a driving beat. It's first class, and you can check out the full album stream for more delights below.

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Catch them live:

Oct 16 The Borderline LONDON, London, UK
Oct 23 Cselley Mill - Austria, Oslip  
Oct 24 St.Pölten Warehouse - Austria, Stotten
Oct 25 Linz Posthof - Austria, Linz
Oct 26 Innsbruck Dogana - Austria, Innsbruck  
Oct 28 Augsburg Congress On Park - Augsburg, Germany
Oct 29 Ravensburg Upper Swabia Club - Germany, Ravensburg
Oct 30 Saarbrücken Garage - Germany, Saarbrucken  
Oct 31 Munich Convention Hall - Germany, Munich  
Nov 17 supporting TRAVIS in Edinburgh, UK
Nov 18 TRAVIS in Aberdeen, UK
Nov 19 supporting TRAVIS in Inverness, UK

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