Wednesday, 9 October 2013

VIDEO PREMIERE: Metropolis America - A Stolen Heart In A Stolen Car

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For new single 'A Stolen Heart In A Stolen Car', Philadelphia trio Metropolis America have taken the lyric video to a new level, typing each line of the song into YouTube and watching the results appear, all done in real time. It's surprising just how many other song titles the results yield, it seems that no matter what line you use in your lyrics, someone somewhere has a song with a similar title. Worryingly this is One Direction on more than one occasion, but thankfully the two bands are poles apart. Previous single 'Bittersweet' was catchy enough for us to give it a great write-up, and this is much the same.

The guys have taken a slightly post-punk/new-wave sound and blended it with the now-contemporary-again sounds of synth-pop (the revival that just won't end!). It's more ear candy and is so hook-laden that it might as well be barbed wire. Put simply, this tune sounds bigger than the band as they are now, it sounds like the product of a more established, better known group. However, if Metropolis America can keep up this great run of singles that triumphantly straddle the worlds of pop and alternative music then it won't be long before songs like 'A Stolen Heart In A Stolen Car' are gracing the bigger stages they sound like they exist for.

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MON 14 OCT The Legendary Dobbs, Philadelphia, PA, US
FRI 25 OCT The Legendary Dobbs, Philadelphia, PA, US

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