Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The KVB - Run Away

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Some bands become known by their initials through press and fans not wanting to say or type their full names all the time, it's a simple shortcut. Examples? ELP, CSN&Y, OMD, ELO, BRMC (unless you know your '70s pop then asking Google or your dad might be an idea for most of those). Some choose to go by initials, leaving us to find out later (or maybe never) what they actually mean. Examples? C+C Music Factory, ABBA, EYC (one for all you fans of obscure '90s boy bands there) and recently LCMDF and NYPC have thrown out the words and wish to be know by the letters alone. Before we go really off track, I should say that these bands sprung to mind when I read the bio of initial-preferring duo The KVB, an audio/visual project with the audio taken care of by Klaus Von Barrel (ta-da! Although we think this is an alias...) and the visual by Kat Day.

New single 'Run Away' is a high-grade fuzz-rock tune that merges post-punk and shoegaze much like many before them. There are a few extra layers and it does take a few plays to fully unravel them, so the song has depth as well as being a dark, near monotone, brooding number. If Time Team uncovered this on a dig in a few hundred years time then they'd have trouble dating it, it could just as easily be three decades old, but that's no bad thing. What really impresses is that B-side '436' is just as good, if not better. This one comes closer to drone or krautrock, the vocals an indecipherable mumble hidden amongst the various sheets of sound. The expression "a beautiful noise" might be an old one, but it's the perfect way of summarising what we have here. Two very good songs IMHO.

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Nov 8 - Rewire Festival, Den Haag NL
Nov 29 – Dec 1 - ATP curated by Loop, Camber Sands UK
Dec 2013 Australian tour – Brian Jonestown Massacre support

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