Wednesday, 9 October 2013

StaG - I Think I'll Shout

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Over the course of a year we cover thousands of bands on the site - there's just so much good music out there and thanks to Tim Berners-Lee and folk like him, it's all at our fingertips. With over 100 submissions a day so much just flies past without us having a chance to grab it. We could be missing some real gems. It was lucky then, that last summer we stumbled upon a band from LA (a city that must have countless bands and artists alone) called StaG. Their single 'Summerfoot' was a chillwave type affair and was from their second album in as many years. Hearing the band's new single, 'I Think I'll Shout', was a bit of a surprise.

They haven't turned into an operatic reggae-jazz fusion troupe or anything, but, perhaps sensing the growing disinterest in chillwave (or maybe just the sheer volume of others making similar noises) they've picked up the drums and guitars, whilst keeping their electronic side, and come up with 'I Think I'll Shout', a wonderful song that paints a picture with sound and vocals at the start, something which could turn into an overblown mess in the wrong hands, then elaborated on it, adding more drums and more guitars as it progresses until we're into some indie-tronica dreamland that culminates in a grand ending. Ever busy, this splendid single will be from yet another album called 'Disappears' which we're guessing will appear sometime early next year.

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Tues, Oct 15, CMJ, New York, New York

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