Thursday, 10 October 2013

Radkey - Romance Dawn

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Colourful videos come in many shapes and forms. There's the cheesy, tacky, cartoon type, there's the whole psychedelic thing and there are less obvious ways of utilising such vibrancy. With footage that's grafted together using live shots formed into an animation, bedecked in colour, US trio Radkey have come up with something that's a great watch here (a mention for artist Shaun Hamontree is well deserved), and a nice break from the norm. As for their song, well, 'Romance Dawn' is the current single from their EP 'Devil Fruit' which is out next week, and although it takes in well-used musical styles, it does so in a slightly different way, something which some may find awkward but could ultimately be the making of them.

Stomping blues rock starts the ball rolling, and once it's in motion it doesn't stop. Quickly it moves into a heavy punk phase, then tackles the sounds that the early power trios and proto-metal acts developed. Follow that by a throat-destroying scream and then a more intense punk-rock style and things have changed considerably. The chugging guitar even takes in classic rock and touches on metal, but thanks to the variety and the non-conformity it never gets bogged down into any of those tired-out genres. The pace chops and changes, it would be a little repetitive if it didn't, they throw in a guitar solo because every good classic rock-influenced track needs one of those, and then we come crashing to an end. Kudos for taking such a seemingly obsolete sound (barring for men of a certain age) and whipping up some excitement for us.

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11th Sound & Vision Festival, Norwich            
12th Bodega Social Club, Nottingham              
14th Portland Arms, Cambridge
15th Roadhouse, Manchester            
16th Sugarmill, Stoke                                              
17th Blackheart, Camden      
18th SWN Festival, Cardiff    
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