Sunday, 6 October 2013

Knifekick - This Could Be Forever EP

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Publications like NME, much of the guitar-loving British public; they're always looking for the next saviours of "indie" music. Not indiepop or alternative crossover acts, actual indie music as they see it; that is guitar-based songs that aren't twee, aren't too experimental and are worth believing in. They'll try any old shit. Mona? Viva Brother? Really NME, you can do better than that, and how on earth you're making out that Howler are now big stars is beyond belief. Could the saviour of indie be a Polish-born, New York-bred bloke called Matt? Don't bet against it. Originally from Poznan (of football celebration fame) Matt Gorny has already won awards for songwriting and been a member of a band in the past. Now he's going it alone with his talents under the name Knifekick and will be releasing his debut EP this week.

It's the title-track that gets 'This Could Be Forever' underway and it should snare any passing NME journalist with one brief hit of its chorus. This is classic songwriting that's not bogged down in indie's turgid past (of the past decade and a half that is). This is bright, fresh and like a whole tribe of earworms. A poppier side is shown on the equally catchy and breezy 'All About You', and then a big surprise. Unless you know the lyrics well you'd never spot that 'VCR' is a cover of The xx track. This is one heck of a makeover and it sounds amazing. Kickknife shows he's not one for following leads on 'Wanna Be With You', a song that contains a bit of everything and is as close to the current trend for all things crossover, it's followed by 'Hundred Percent Love', a song that proves he can write pop if needed too, and a pop-oriented track can be what first gives indie-type bands their inroads towards the mainstream. Last but definitely not least is a song that could capture the hearts of those looking for that illusive new indie hero: 'No One Like You'. It's classic guitar music that follows in the great line of stars that have gone before. If this is the last we hear of Knifekick then I'll be very surprised.

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