Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Josh Berwanger - Baby Loses Her Mind

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

If I had a fully-functioning memory then I'd be able to tell you which song the intro to 'Baby Loses Her Mind' sounds very much like, but sadly I don't. It bears more than a passing resemblance to the start of 'Marble Gods' by Sad Day For Puppets, but there's probably something closer. Answers on a postcard (well, the comments box below will do). I should point out that besides those brief seconds there's nothing in the way of plagiarism going on here. This is guitar-pop as we know it, but the song is new even if the style isn't. You may remember Josh Berwanger as the frontman of US band The Anniversary, but now he's a fully-fledged solo artist (well, with some help from Michael Hutcherson).

Today sees the release of his new album 'Strange Stains' from which this single is taken. 'Baby's Losing Her Mind' is classic guitar-pop with clear American leanings (not surprising considering he's from Kansas), and this has led to favourable comparisons with Tom Petty. You could just as easily place this song in a similar powerpop bracket as Guided By Voices and many classic British bands (both The Jam and The Kinks are used as comparisons). But forget the others and listen to this song, then you'll probably find that any fun playing spot-the-influence soon wears off because this is purely and simply a good tune in its own right, and one that offers instant kicks.

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Fri, Oct 11, The Heavy Anchor, Saint Louis, Missouri
Sat, Oct 12, The Tree Bar, Columbus, Ohio
Thurs, Oct 31, recordBar, Kansas City, Missouri

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