Friday, 11 October 2013

Hamish Anderson - Howl

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Melbourne's music scene, as we keep repeating, is thriving. We're hearing as many new acts from that city as anywhere. It's been generally indie/electro-pop hybrids or psych-rock that appears to have dominated the scene, but newcomer Hamish Anderson is taking a bit of a different approach with his self-titled debut EP which is released in the UK next week. There's been plenty of psych, but, particularly in America, that particular form of rock music has seen an increase in bands making more traditional rock music. If it's not an increase in bands, then it's certainly an increase in the interest in such bands. And if you like the deep sounds of Pond or whoever, then you'll probably be fond of pioneers such as Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Blue Cheer and so on.

Really we mean rock music before it was ruined, became self-indulgent and eventually resulted in Spinal Tap, although hundreds of bands still didn't get the irony and continued their comical lives making comical... well it wasn't even funny any more by that point... music. This EP's lead single is called 'Howl' and it sounds a bit like all of the bands mentioned above (except Spinal Tap). This is the sound of rock as a deep, bluesy groove that was meant to get down and dirty without resorting to clich├ęd tactics and drum solos. There's power here; 'Howl' is a big song, one that's very much traditional but natural and honest with it. Perhaps we'll see a resurgence in this style as it was designed to be, not as the steaming pile of mess it ended up as. That sounds like Hamish Anderson's goal anyway.

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