Saturday 12 October 2013

Five For Free #234

Reputante - Lock Me Up

We're really starting to believe that post-punk inspired music is about to take over from all this hazy dreampop as the indie/alternative sound of choice very soon. The groundswell is palpable. New York band Reputante could well be key players. They've just signed to Cult Records and are offering you an excellent introductory track called 'Lock Me Up' if you sign up to their mailing list.

Download 'Lock Me Up' for free by heading here

Reputante's website

Qurious - Termina

Georgia band Qurious released their album 'Void Vanishing' nearly a year ago and it managed to pass us by. When we featured their track 'Wunderkammer' earlier this year we were maybe not wise to just how good they are. So big thanks to them for passing another freebie our way, the awesome, innovative electronica/pop hybrid that is the stunning 'Termina'.

Download 'Termina' for free by heading here

Qurious' website

Stream or buy the album

My Grey Horse - Big Night

Upon reviewing their EP 'Stop Before The Dry River' earlier this year we found My Grey Horse weren't what we expected. We were thinking Americana, or at least an American rock band. Turns out they're from Warwickshire and make electronic-infused alt-rock that, while hardly reinventing the wheel, certainly doesn't shy away from trying the odd interesting idea, plus you can now get 'Big Night' for free.

Download 'Big Night' for free by heading here

My Grey Horse's website

Stream or buy the album


CATHEDRALS themselves don't give much away (well, unless you count this debut single), so we're relying on knowledge passed on from Earmilk, and even they describe them as "a mysterious male/female duo hailing from San Francisco", so really we're hardly any the wiser. 'Unbound' is a top tune though, moving from picked guitar and dual vocals to something more robust with a bigger beat and plenty of subtle power.

Download 'Unbound' for free by heading here


Strangers - Fires

Sounding like a band on the verge of a breakthrough are London's Strangers who impressed with their first proper single 'Something New' earlier this year. With new single 'Fires' they've just unleashed their biggest and most-likely-to track yet. This is a huge alt-pop/indie song that should comfortably fill the slots they reserve for credible bands on mainstream radio stations. In other words, this should be everywhere by now.

Strangers' website

Catch them live:

Mon, Oct 14, Electrowerkz, London, UK

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