Friday, 11 October 2013

Du Tonc - Island

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The unlikely pairing of electro-indie star Matt Van Schie and dance music star Mighty Mouse continues apace with new single 'Island' under their combined moniker of Du Tonc. Apparently it was only earlier this year that the duo released their debut single 'Darkness', but it feels like we known them much longer. There has been a steady stream of great tracks arriving this year, and they're varied too which is good to hear. The latest in this line is 'Island', a tune that is quite a contrast to their most recent, dance-oriented offering.

With 'Island' they give us something that closer resembles a conventional song; verse, lyrics, regular instruments... that type of thing. With these two it was always going to show some innovation though, so it neatly dodges genres, leaving us with no option but to call it alt-pop. The funky bassline carries the song musically but it's the vocals that take the limelight. If you listen closely you'll spot that there's a lot going on underneath too, so if you want to get into the nitty-gritty of the song then there's plenty of depth in what is a surprisingly soul-baring tune.

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