Thursday 3 October 2013

Bankrupt - Goodbye Blue Monday

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As musical styles go, punk-rock is pretty much a universal currency. Every country that has any form of modern culture will have punk bands, even those with strict regimes which ban such westernisation or political freedoms, it simply goes underground. In Hungary such restrictions don't exist (as far as we know!) and Budapest band Bankrupt are free to indulge in their passion for the music of The Ramones and The Misfits. They've got the perfect band name for the current climate, and the music - well, that's always current. People will always want to make energetic, melodic, noisy songs with guitars, often to put across a political message, but equally as often to just make some great tunes and have fun.

'Goodbye Blue Monday' is a load of fun. It has no particularly distinguishing features (they even choose to sing in English) and is essentially punk as we've known it for nearly forty years. 'Timewaster' is a rollicking start; 'Veronica' adds a bit more melody; 'Close Encounters' allows a more prominent (but naturally, fairly simple) riff; 'Alone' is a minor departure in structure but still traditional punk at heart, and 'Monday Morning' is poppier and, as suggested, will probably shake off those blues. These songs all share the same DNA and there's little to choose between them. Bankrupt are living their dream of thrashing through some 100mph guitar tunes with a sting in their tail and the walls shaking around them. They've also broken free from the confines of their country (one that gets little coverage in the UK and US when it comes to its music), so it's good to have them flying the flag.

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