Friday 16 August 2013

Latimer House - This Is Pop/Shake

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It's debut single time for Latimer House with these two songs set for a 7" release. Both songs here are classic British indie of the variety that's been manufactured since the 1980s, right down to the production, lyrics and even lyrical style. So it's a bit puzzling to learn that they're from the Czech Republic. Surely they have a Brit onboard somewhere there, as the cultural references, not to mention the accent is very strong. However it's the music not the location that we're here to talk about.

With a riff that could be nicked from a Smiths song and an opening line that mentions "England... yeomen...Albion" and more besides, this adds credence to our belief that there's a British influence here. It's classic indie though. If you've been hearing records like this for 30 years then it might float over your head, but for newcomers it's a decent tune. They change the plan slightly for 'Shake', only this time they move forward just a few years to the late '80s alternative scene, allowing those guitars to become a bit more vigorous, the bassline a bit more bouncy and the vocals a bit more affected. It may have been done before, but Latimer House still make a pretty good job of things here.

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