Saturday, 10 August 2013

Georgian Waters - Prism

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It's no longer a surprise (in fact it hasn't been for ages) to find a really good indie/dreampop band and then discover they're from Sweden. That's been the case with Georgian Waters, a band so promising we've been following them every step of the way, and if you wish to retrace those steps then here are the Lessons' EP, free download 'What Is In Your Heart' and their gorgeous single 'Dead In No Time'. What we find on what is officially their third single 'Prism', is that the band have altered their sound just a touch but not dipped in terms of quality.

The track 'Prism' is a dreamy, indie/synth-pop song that is a distant cousin of chillwave but with a more defined sound. It recalls different parts of '80s music but knits them into something individual and really quite effortless sounding. Surely they don't find making these songs as easy as it seems they do though, but they're yet to put a foot wrong. The B-side to 'Prism' is, it goes without saying by now, another splendid effort. 'Palm Trees' has an exotic sounding name and because of the dreamy nature of the music it can transport you to anywhere n the world. It's summer in musical form and Georgian Waters are on a heck of a roll.

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