Monday, 19 August 2013

Constables - Bedroom Culture EP

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It's good to have a new record from Constables, as it's been nearly a year since we featured their 'Opening Night' EP, and as far as we know we haven't missed anything else. So 'Bedroom Culture' is a nice reminder that indie-rock is thriving in Finland, something we've also pointed out before, but then it seemed to go a bit quiet for a while. Hopefully we haven't cursed them by singing their praises too much. 'Bedroom Culture' will easily satisfy anyone who's been a fan of Constables previous work; it's big, bold and comes at you like a ton of bricks. They're not afraid of overloading songs with walls of guitars and have a drummer who seems as determined as anyone to make sure that the beats behind the music are as rock solid as is humanly possible.

There's no deviation here, these guys know what their goal is and they stick to it. It takes exactly no time at all for the bombastic 'Ludvico' to get going and the beat doesn't drop. This song surges forward from start to finish, adding extra gusto for the chorus. There's a brief moment of dead air, and then they hit the aptly-titled 'Run' which begins with another sturdy beat and meandering guitars that are allowed to flutter around a little more, all grounded by the bass and then another typically blockbusting chorus. The back end of 'Run' slams straight into 'In Circles', not giving you a chance to catch your breath. Here, surfy guitars mingle with the now familiarly sturdy and brash indie-rock these guys seem to survive on. It's darker though, gothy even. You know by now that final track 'Wear Me Out' is unlikely to be a piano ballad. It's a fitting title for another beast of a song and a fitting end for a beast of an EP.

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