Sunday, 4 August 2013

Boho Dancer - Gemini Sampler

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Singer-songwriter Ida Wenøe formed Boho Dancer in 2009 in Aarhus, Denmark. Originally a quartet, the band found that when they were reduced to a trio the music still flowed naturally. Their potential was noticed early on, bagging slots at some decent festivals before they'd even released a single and winning an unsigned bands competition ahead of around a thousand entrants, and earlier this year their debut EP, 'Furry', was released to much acclaim. A debut album soon followed, although it's official physical release in the UK is a month away, but 'Gemini' can be downloaded from all major sites.

Ahead of its proper UK arrival, the band have posted a three track sampler EP on SoundCloud so that those who prefer their music to come as a physical entity rather than a file, can judge for themselves whether or not to part with some cash in a few weeks. We'd suggest they do, as the trio of songs here are a particularly haunting and slightly magical form of fantasy folk music. Ida Wenøe's vocals are the main focal point of 'Gemini', carrying the melody and allowing the instruments to casually float behind her, creating a light atmosphere. The song grows into something quite spellbinding. 'Martin' is in a similar vein but with the focus shifted to more traditional folk music, although there's a distinct dreampop feel to all of these songs and mystery is never far away. Most tender and sweet of all is 'The Clerk' which again shows off those stunning vocals and wonderful atmospherics that the band whip up. Three very good reasons to purchase the whole thing.

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