Friday, 11 October 2013

The History Of Apple Pie - Don't You Wanna Be Mine?

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Over the course of several singles and a debut album we grew to be very fond of indiepop group The History Of Apple Pie (not heard them before? Catch up by searching the site for past reviews) so it's great that they have new material available already. As a brief aside, I'd never quite thought about the band name before, but typing it into Google may indicate that the history of apple pie (not this band, actual apple pie) may have begun in Russia. Anyhoo... 'Don't You Wanna Be Mine?' is out this Monday and although it doesn't see them taking that bagpipe-led, loungecore EDM direction we'd all hoped for, they have, quite literally, changed their tune.

There's more crunch to this song, the guitars have more of a buzzsaw thing going on and recall bands like The Breeders and the underrated '90s outfit Salad. This is still plastered with melody though, they haven't dimmed the lights and started wearing black just yet. In fact this form of slightly abrasive guitar-pop is the natural next step for the band, and it will slide in nicely into their back-catalogue. The cascading guitar is a highlight, as is the fact that wobbly noise is almost omnipresent throughout. There's enough of an evolution here to maintain excitement in what is a very good band, but enough familiarity to ensure that existing fans will love this one too.

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Oct 15 Baby's All Right, New York, NY  
Oct 16 Pianos, New York, NY
Oct 18 The Living Room, New York, NY
Oct 19 Knitting Factory, New York, NY

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