Monday, 7 October 2013

The Hidden Cameras - Gay Goth Scene

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It's been quite a transformation for Joel Gibb's The Hidden Cameras. When they began releasing records just over a decade ago they were known for being a little rude, a little crude; not really the most serious of bands, yet they were always adored by critics. Things really changed in 2009 when the band released their superlative 'Origin:Orphan' album, one of the best records of recent years. There was a new diversity here, from pop hits with mildly humerous lyrics ('In The NA', 'Underage') to more grand, sweeping statements. It landed with a bang and hauled in some sizeable numbers in the marks-out-of-ten category. It seems like an age that we've had to wait, but follow-up 'Age' should be with us this year.

Lead single 'Gay Goth Scene' sounds like it could be back to the mickey-taking and not being entirely serious. That couldn't be further from the truth. If you want a video that hits home hard then watch below. We don't need to run through it here. The song sounds serious too, the strings that appeared on much of the last album are here and the length is that of a traditional single rather than some of the more lengthy tracks previously. What to call it? Indie? Alt-rock? Both fit, but this is a change for the band, and you could say an odd choice for a single. It's hardly a pop classic, but that doesn't mean that by having a more serious nature it isn't good. It's defiantly good and, as ever, alone, not trying to be anyone else. Plus, as introductions to new albums go, this one's really got us wondering what 'Age' will bring, but we're sure it will be far from ordinary or mundane.

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