Saturday, 5 October 2013

Ghost Twins - Dream on/Dream Off / Unknown Animal

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It would be easy to start this review by mentioning that the name Ghost Twins might not seem familiar, but it does seem familiar whether you've heard them or not, because there are LOADS of similarly-named bands doing the rounds. Like "wolf" or "bear", "ghost" is a favourite at the moment. But this will be the first release from Derby duo under this name. You may be familiar with Crushing Blows (although they were at the start of their career so hardly a household name, and therefore prime time to change to a new moniker) and it is in fact the same pair, they've adopted this new name fairly recently we assume. The first PR email about this single was in September when they were referred to as Crushing Blows, less than a month later we get the full info with both tracks, but this time as Ghost Twins.

So that's the story out of the way, and on to the tunes. Their self-titled EP impressed last year, showing a diversity of sound and an experimental nature. That largely continues here. First up is 'Dream On/Dream Off' which isn't an immediate hit and maybe not as good as we've heard before. Perhaps this is in part down to its eight-minute length which seems needless, and after the first few minutes of crunching alt-rock it starts to flag just a little, however, the ending gives it an electric shock back into life. It's 'Unknown Animal' that's the best here. Slow to start maybe, but it's this build that makes the kick that extra bit more powerful. Still eclectic, still sounding good, but personally I'd have stuck with the old name. But I'm called Kevin so what the hell do I know about names...

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