Monday, 7 October 2013

Deathline - Every Dying Breath

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You might recognise the name of the song, you might recognise the song itself, but not quite like this. When London duo Deathline released their long-awaited new album 'NOVA' late last year we remarked that it sounded full of potential singles. Well this week they release another song from 'NOVA', although with 'Every Dying Breath' (and despite it sounding perfectly fine to our ears) the pair decided they could make it even better. So, naturally, that's what they went and did. I guess as a reviewer it's my job to decide whether this was a worthwhile rerecording or a needless waste of studio time. If it was a waste, this single is worth a purchase anyway to take in two fine remixes (from holm Mirland and The Dead Zoo) as well as a new demo. What we've learnt over the past year or two is that Deathline take their time; you could call them perfectionists. They won't release music unless they think it's worthy. So if they think they can improve something even further then it would maybe be unwise to doubt them.

This proves to be the case here. 'Every Dying Breath' sounds like a gargantuan piece of modern post-punk that could trample over the rest of the music world, destroying it at will. It is, to cut a long story short, a success. Just listen. So that song, although in another form, has been around for a while, and so too may 'The Death Line' be. Here it appears in demo form, so that alone indicates that a finished version will be part of the plan somewhere along the line. It would be silly to expect this to sound as big as the lead track, but let's take it for what it is: another post-punk influenced song with a sinister shuffle and distorted vocals. It could be Crocodiles or BRMC, it may end up being as big as some of their material. Listening to this band improve on a song that we thought was final was impressive, so listening to them improve on a demo could yield similarly spine-tingling results.

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