Thursday, 3 October 2013

AM & Shawn Lee - Come Back To Me

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There can be no denying that AM & Shawn Lee are popular. Not sell-out-consecutive-nights-at-Wembley-Stadium popular, but popular nonetheless. And this popularity includes their work as solo artists, but it's together they're best known. London's Shawn Lee brings his cosmic electro-soul, LA-based AM adds some funk and some more soul. Together they make a smooth and groovy kind of psychedelia, one that, for me personally, has so far lingered on the periphery of my personal taste. Yeah it's pretty good, but maybe not my thing. The fact is that their music is pretty good regardless of personal preference (and I most certainly don't dislike their sounds), so we really should give them a shout on the site.

The duo are currently in the middle of their "Psychedelic Soul Soiree Fall Tour 2013", and more tours should have names that good. This new video to 'Come Back To Me' is a strange, galactic animation that's also pure eye-candy, and it enhances the vibe of the song somewhat. Vibe is a good word for this too, these guys have a definite vibe, and with more exposure to their music and all its accompaniments they're only serving to gradually convert me from mildly interested spectator to fully fledged fan. You can bet the gigs have been pretty special as well.

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Catch them live:

Oct 03 Empire Control Room, Austin, TX
Oct 04 Dada, Dallas, TX
Oct 06 The Vanguard, Tulsa, OK
Oct 08 Marquee Theater, Denver, CO

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