Wednesday 17 February 2016

Yeti Lane - L'Aurore

Article by Del Chaney

Parisian experimental electro-psych duo Yeti Lane return with their latest eight-track opus entitled 'L'Aurore', released via London-based Sonic Cathedral on March 4th 2016. The band, consisting of Ben - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards and analog synths and Charlie - drums and percussion, analog keyboards and synths, laptop and loops, have been garnering some serious radio and press attention as of late with with their latest track 'Acide Amer' recently receiving airplay via BBC Radio 6 Music's Lauren Laverne.

Exquisitely-sounding, reverb-drenched, jangling guitars (echoing some dystopian spaghetti western soundtrack) announce the arrival of 'Délicat', the album's stunning opening piece! Atmospheric synth samples and wailing cinematic-style guitars carry the intensely brilliant vocal track throughout this experimental slice of impressive psychedelia. The drum patterns are sparse but effective nonetheless as we journey through a world of reverberating joy.

'Good Word's Gone' explodes onto the musical canvass with reckless abandon. This fuzzy, layered monolith floats on waves of shimmering sound with addictive guitars, jittery drum patterns, affected vocals and synth swells to die for. Thoroughly enjoyable! Track three, 'Acide Amer' is a dark, swirling, synth-affected monster that juggernauts along its cinematic, psych-infused axis with aplomb. The highly addictive vocal lines and wailing guitar breaks keep it all interesting to a point but at times this track can be overbearing. Up next are the wavy cinematic qualities of 'Liquide' and boy are they mesmerising. There's a lot going on within the inner confines of this dark, crawling, maelstrom of layered sonic waves, but it is stunning! Probably my favourite track on this entire release.

'L'Aurore' begins with a sampled drum pattern and a repetitive guitar line before we're introduced to that beautiful vocal intertwined with shimmering synth swells and the introduction of a shuffling drum beat. 'L'Aurore' swirls and merges with the next piece entitled 'Crystal Sky', a full-on expressive psych masterpiece! Wailing vocals, swirling reverberating guitars, dark samples and pounding drums lead the charge as this track ploughs a sonic course through the musical landscape. Slow, burgeoning distortion heckles the opening guitar lines of 'Exquis', the longest track by far on this whole release. Its swirling outer waves pull you in and guide you to its psychedelic core where pounding drums beat a hypnotic, repetitive sequence and screaming guitars prevent you from floating away into obscurity. The album's closer, 'Ne Dis Rien', is electronically charged with swathes of layered synth progressions and screaming guitars all leading to that insane, almost robotic sounding, vocal line! This track builds and builds into a towering, awe-inspiring pillar of golden sound. A true masterpiece of intense proportions and a fitting end to an overall impressive album.

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