Wednesday 10 February 2016

Husky Loops - Dead

Article by Ray Brodrick

If you like pop that's grungy and spiky and that takes you to many places you're not expecting, keeping you guessing and always surprising, then you'll love Husky Loops' latest release 'Dead'. Initially it made me think of late '70s New York punk like Television, as the guitar has a Tom Verlaine quality to it, but don't be fooled as the verse builds to a crashing chorus of angst and protest, like a voice from a seance questioning if they are indeed dead. It's music for a funeral march, but joyful like they do in the deep south, although there's no peep of New Orleans jazz here, more spiky, grungy, angry greatness.  

Husky Loops describe themselves as a London-based three-piece, notorious for being fixated with unconventional pop arrangements, and this is exactly what you get as the mood changes again to a funky middle eight section not a million miles away from Talking Heads with scratchy guitar complementing the bass and drums, then into a meandering, distorted bass solo with a haunting otherworldliness to it. Don't miss your chance to get an invite to the party you're at, but don't make-DEAD!!

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