Wednesday 3 February 2016

Get Me Free #163: Warning Light - The Lieutenant Colonel

Article by KevW

'The Lieutenant Colonel' is the latest single to be taken from 'Oftenchance', the current album by krautrock experimentalist Warning Light. Previous single 'Past The Haro Straight' was a reasonably melodic number with warm analogue electronics buzzing away and an insistent beat, but this track shows that Drew Haddon is more than capable of mixing things up a touch and not relying on the same formula time and again.

Here he gives us a more experimental track, one that may not be as instantly accessible but still impresses with its innovation and overall ambiance. Stuttering beats seem to fade in and out of view with the groaning washes of electronic noise, giving a spooky industrial feel to the song. The album cover showing clear skies and wave-beaten cliffs seems very much removed from the dark picture 'The Lieutenant Colonel' paints, and perhaps a nighttime shot of the same location in the throes of a violent storm might be more fitting for a track that appears to have a sinister and destructive side.

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