Thursday 18 February 2016

Mats Wawa - Classics EP

Article by Del Chaney

Wavy grooves and trembling reverberating guitar stabs herald the opening bars of track one on this impressive debut EP release entitled 'Classics' from Norwegian-based psych-pop aficionados Mats Wawa released via Oslo-based indie label Ville Vesten Platforening. The opening track, 'Lord Bisnis', is a melodic slice of psych-pop with beautiful vocals and a multitude of instrumentation that all seem to hang in suspended animation within a beautiful ball of sonic light. Up next 'Worries' is a psychedelic rock and roller with hints of syncopated blues progressions holding court within its inner core during the chorus breaks. During the verse parts I can also hear some subtle '60s surf impressions intertwined within the shuffling drum beat, melodic guitars and addictive vocal lines.

Track three, 'Bed Of Love', slows proceedings right down with its lounging hotel lobby-esque synth/piano line gracing my ears, melded with another beautiful jangling guitar line that seems to shimmer atop of those piano hits! Its only when we get to the break that I really understand this track. It breaks free of its lounging hotel psych sound and erupts into a groove so sweet that it will have you rewinding the track just to hear it all over again! 'Bed Of Love' is possibly my favourite track on this whole release. Bloody brilliant. The EP's closer 'Planet Of The Grapes' is a full-on melodic psych-pop explosion with shimmering guitars, another beautifully produced vocal and a sound so 1960s that it will have you grooving along with ease. Overall, a wonderfully refreshing EP.

Mats Wawa will be playing at By:Larm festival in March and the EP gets its official release on the 19th February 2016.

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