Thursday 4 February 2016

Get Me Free #164: YAST - I Don't Think She Knows

Article by KevW

Like previous single 'Together Forever', 'I Don't Think She Knows' is taken from YAST's recent album 'My Dreams Did Finally Come True', where the Swedish band conjure up more of the splendid guitar-pop that Scandinavia has become known for. There's a good amount of distorted guitar on this track which makes it come across like a slightly weightier version of The Radio Dept., which is never going to be a bad thing.

Crashing drums add to the shoegazey sound, as does a vocal that feels quite relaxed despite the cacophony that's sometimes going on around it. You can detect hints of '90s alt-rock too, particularly of the US variety (the guitar solo at the end hints at Dinosaur Jr.) but also unsung Scots AC Acoustics. There's plenty of melody to be found on 'I Don't Think She Knows' too, and it all makes for a rather fine listen.

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