Monday 29 February 2016

UK PREMIERE: Vampire Blow - Real To Me

Article by KevW

Denmark has become quite well known for its psych scene in recent years, although the sounds that have drifted our way have generally been deep, fuggy psychedelic rock rather than the sparkling rainbow-pop that Copenhagen's Vampire Blow offer up here, as something of change in direction from their earlier garage sound. The trio are building themselves a good reputation too, with last year seeing notable festival dates and, strangely, a tour of Columbia. Footage from that trip (where they "got healed in the jungle", as you do...) looks suitably exotic as the backdrop for new single 'Real To Me'.

With crisp reverberating notes, a casual beat and vocals that come filtered through a misty twilight, 'Real To Me' feels lazy in the best possible way. With talk of the sun rising and brass interludes, there's plenty of dreamy escapism on display, but they're not done yet. As the track continues, soft harmonies are introduced and the richness of the song develops even more until the joyousness starts to reach similar levels to that shows by Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeroes or early Polyphonic Spree. This kind of stuff is built for reducing stress levels.

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