Friday 5 February 2016

Hearts Hearts - Young

Article by Tony Young

Hearts Hearts are an indietronica band from Wien, Austria. Their compositions offer a rich and sophisicated space accessible for those who may find the idea of experimental music daunting. Now there's no getting around it, Hearts Hearts sound a lot like Radiohead. Like, a lot. Not only in the blend of their mechanical R&B influenced rhythm section, but right down to Österle's vocals which call to mind Thom Yorke's jazzy stylings and Jón Þór "Jónsi" Birgisson's ever distant voice.

I wouldn't hold that against them at all though. Particularly with headlines like NME's bold "How Radiohead Became The Beatles Of The 21st Century" and even the Onion's "Radiohead Denies Influencing Local Band". I think we've reached a point where bands are inevitably going to sound a bit like Radiohead, so it's whatever. If you can swallow that pill I believe the experience can be rewarding, as is the case with Hearts Hearts' 'Young'. Standout title-track 'Young' is a strong demonstration of what Hearts Hearts has to offer. The song starts with an upbeat rhythm on a drum machine. As a feedback looped keyboard comes in with support, Osterle's vocals open up the space to a realm of self-reflection, tension and release. If nothing else, 'Young' proves Osterle can croon and wail with the best of them.

As Osterle goes on to explain the concept as a whole, "Our lives are so over-defined and over-structured [that] we are measuring and weighing and then cutting off what's undefined. And in reaction to all this, we are seeking spaces of temporary escape." Check out the music video Hearts Hearts put out for 'Hunter Limit', it's as cryptic as it is cinematic and will capture you in its web of complexity.

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