Monday 1 February 2016

Get Me Free #162: The Red Vinyls - I Know

Article by Ray Brodrick

The Red Vinyls' new release from their 'Pause' EP, 'I Know', is a powerful rock 'n' roll stomper like QOTSA covering Gallon Drunk; loads of atmospheric vocal and spacious, noisy guitar supporting the vocal melody, with bass and drums thundering along all the way to the Louisiana swamp. It's got that dirty sound that The Birthday Party did so well, like Nick Cave doing his best dead Elvis while working the graveyard shift.

But just when you think it's all over, in the middle section it's like they've revived Jim Morrison just for a vocal breakdown. He's preaching to us from the other side, then straight back into the chorus for more. This style of lowdown gritty Americana I can never tire of hearing. Lots of bands try it but not all can make it sound authentic like The Red Vinyls can. It leaves me wanting to hear more.

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