Friday 5 February 2016

PREMIERE: Omodada All My Gods Feat. Tik Tu

Article by Soul1

Not long ago, we included the neo-psychedelic 'Kimnaty' by Ukrainian artist Omodada as the no. 2 Ukrainian release of 2015. It seems we are not the only ones to take notice of them, as a few weeks back, they signed with U.S. label Moon Sounds Records. On February 16, their new single 'All My Gods' feat. Tik Tu drops, along with an intriguing remix from Ummagma.

This 2-track release features the original track plus a fantabulous chill slowed-down remix by dreampop duo Ummagma. I admit that, upon first listen I really thought vocalist Nataly Bagriy was singing “Oh My God” and I thought “how very Valley Girl for someone from Eastern Europe” but then I realised she is actually saying “All My Gods”. It all sounds so very cool.

Omodada and Tik Tu

Omodada is the solo project of Lesik Drachuk, a multi-instrumental artist and producer, based in Ternopil, western Ukraine. He got his start as a performer in the punk-folk band Los Colorados. All three musicians involved here were also members of Echo Gardens prior to this.

Omodada and Tik Tu recorded this music at the Hootir recording studio, involving sound engineer Vadym Voznyak – quite the unique approach, since this happened far from the distractions of urban life in an abandoned village with just a few neighbours.

This track here reminds me of ‪Imogen Heap (specifically the song 'Goodnight and Go') and even her band Frou Frou before that. It begins on a really ambient note but then virtually explodes into a bliss injection you cannot deny. Well worth the wait, with vocals like a silk tablet that goes down smoothly.

The remix gets under your skin equally. Delicious. It begins on a pensive note, with sound effects such as pen writing on paper, someone drinking a cup of tea or coffee. Unlike the first, where there are basically two stages (ambient and then bliss), in this remix everything happens in multiple stages, building gradually to a climax, like good sex.

In both versions, the outstanding elements leaving a great aftertaste are, of course, clever and innovative composition, the ecstasy of Nataly Bagriy's voice (especially when she starts singing “All My Gods, they’ll see me in the end”), and the tasteful inclusion of brass here. This latter factor seems to be underlined more on the remix due to the added spatial element.

Natalya Bagriy & Roman Boshko (photo credit Trofymuk)

Expect to hear more from Omodada and Tik Tu this year. They'll be gigging and touring a bit, kicking off with a February 12 concert for Tik Tu at Kyiv's Mezzanine venue.

Omodada's website

Tik Tu's website

Ummagma's website

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