Wednesday 3 February 2016

Queen Of Jeans - Queen Of Jeans EP

Article by KevW

Rock 'n' roll music and the birth of pop as we know it may have its roots in music from long ago (blues, folk, gospel...), and was really launched with the teen boom of the '50s, but it was the 1960s that saw it really spread its wings, splinter into a variety of different genres and begin experimenting like never before, and that's surely the reason why the sounds of that decade still filter through to so many records released today. Philadelphia's Queen Of Jeans neatly combine the sounds of girl groups, garage rock and surf on their self-titled EP.

Single 'Dance (Get Off Your Ass)' exemplifies this best and has a sultry tone thanks to the vocals, while the punky 'Rollerdyke' brings in the scruffy sounds of '90s 4AD and Sub Pop bands. It's not the only time they combine these decades, with 'Moody' channeling some of PJ Harvey's eeriest work from that era. Atmospheric track 'Pup' draws inspiration from many of the same places but twists them into a dreampop song that's not far removed from Living Hour. The cooing 'Won't You' is another slowie with twangy guitar that recalls Mazzy Star (a band whose influence is far-reaching at the moment) at some points, and the same could be said about curiously-titled closer 'Waffles & Mad Men' with its swathes of reverb and haunting harmonies. This EP is thick with atmosphere and very seductive with it.

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