Friday 5 February 2016

Get Me Free #165: My Cruel Goro - Lost E

Article by KevW

We recently ran a feature on the excellent alternative music scene that's developing in Ukraine, and another country that's hitting our radar more and more is Italy. You might think of Italo-disco or maybe opera when mentioning that country's musical history, but many great guitar bands have been catching our ear of late, one of them being My Cruel Goro whose single 'Crapford' we premiered back in the summer and was taken from their self-titled debut EP.

The group, who split their time between Italy and Iceland, are gearing up for their second EP and have released single 'Lost E' as a free taster. It's a buzzing, punky burst of energy with the best/oddest opening couplet we've heard in a while in "Sing out this song/don't take the piss out of John". As songs of this nature should be, it's all done and dusted in under two-minutes, during which time they even manage to squeeze in a hectic, squalling guitar solo. Definitely one to listen to at a high volume, just make sure you leave John alone, OK?

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