Monday 1 February 2016

Wintersleep - Amerika

Article by KevW

In terms of music being released, there's been no activity since 2012's 'Hello Hum' album. So it's with a certain degree of irony that Wintersleep have chosen this time of year to come out of their period of hibernation. The band have announced details of their 6th album which will be called 'The Great Detachment' and is set for release on March 4th via Dine Alone Records. It's also a little odd that the Canadian group have chosen to reference "my America" on it's first single 'Amerika', but they're hardly the first to do similar.

This is quite a piledriver of a song in some respects, with an avalanche of thunderous drums and a stuttering, robust guitar riff. The production is suitably huge too, making the chorus soar high despite lyrics such as "what am I to do, I can't survive on my America... is it just a waste of time?". Many voices singing in unison helps provide this power and it makes you sit up and listen. 'Amerika' has a definite anthemic quality too, and seems destined to be a live favourite. It all feels very much like a statement of intent, and Wintersleep may just have spent the past four years ensuring that when they do return, they'll be bigger and better than ever before.

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