Wednesday 24 February 2016

Scaffolder - Drink Sponge / Brick Wall

Article by Ray Brodrick

I really like the new release from Scaffolder, 'Drink Sponge' / 'Brick Wall', as it assumes two tunes in one. It has a dark, dystopian feel about it with lots of space and atmosphere faintly reminiscent of Echo & The Bunnymen. The multi-layered sounds build up to a crescendo of manic insanity, like the piped music being played once the lunatics have taken over. "Same old walls you live in". 

Each listen has your ears drawn to another aspect of the sound as it soars upward taking flight, then as it reaches escape velocity, lets you go and you fall slowly to earth, twisting and spinning in a strange and wonderful disorientation. Fantastic, give it a listen!

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