Monday 22 February 2016

The Sound Of Confusion Radio Show - 21st February 2016

Sundays at 8pm UK, repeated at 8pm EST on Primal Radio

Ladada – New Psych   

Free download: 'New Psych'

Wild Nothing – Japanese Alice  

Buy: 'Japanese Alice'

Astronauts – Civil Engineer  

Buy: 'Civil Engineer'

Magic Shoppe – Redhead  

Buy: 'Redhead'

Living Hour – Miss Emerald Green  

Buy: 'Miss Emerald Green'

Plastic Animals – Demmin  

Buy: 'Demmin'

Obligatory Record Of The Week: Beverly – Victoria  

Buy: 'Victoria'

The Psychics – Molly  

Buy: 'Molly'

Prints Jackson – Ambisinister  

Free download: 'Ambisinister'

Yeti Lane – Acide Amer  

Buy: 'Acide Amer'

Phosphene – Silver  

Free download: 'Silver'

The Third Sound – You Are Not Here (feat. Tess Parks)

Buy: 'You Are Not Here'

The Madcaps – Something You Got

Free download: 'Something You Got'

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