Friday 21 October 2011

Twin Sister - In Heaven

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The first steps of Twin Sister's career have been promising. Over the course of two EPs the Long Island collective have showcased a slick maturity and a pop nous that belies their relatively tender years. Add a touch of refinement and you have the makings of a great pop/soul debut album. Now that that debut has arrived it's difficult not to feel slightly underwhelmed. For the majority of 'In Heaven' it seems that the alternative edge to Twin Sister's sound has been airbrushed away leaving a somewhat sterile end product; it's all a little too smooth.

'In Heaven' is not without its moments though: the chimes and skittering beats of 'Daniel' set the tone for the album in tasteful way; 'Kimmi In A Rice Field' is a blissed-out, widescreen anthem and boasts a quite beautiful vocal; 'Spain' possesses a cinematic swagger; 'Space Babe' pounds along in a nice enough fashion, ending with pleasant guitar and synth atmospherics. And therein lies the problem: 'In Heaven' is just too damn nice to fall in love with.

Twin Sister should not be written-off by any means. They're gifted song writers, Andrea Estella has a superb voice and the simple wandering guitar lines are perfectly suited to their sound. Unfortunately that sound currently lacks any grit whatsoever. Streamlined and professional they may be, but in a way that's suited to gracing the coffee table at dinner parties more than anything else, and with this much polish it'll probably give it a darn good buffing while it's there. Twin Sister do have a great album in them, sadly this isn't it.

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