Thursday 27 October 2011

Fuck Knights - Let It Bleed

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Despite their relatively short career, US garage/psych band Fuck Knights could already be considered movers and shakers in the garage scene. Formed in 2007 they've so far landed slots supporting The Greenhornes, The King Khan and BBQ Show, Monotonix, Jacuzzi Boys and more, and have recorded an EP with The Monks' Gary Burger. It's hardly any wonder they're a fairly in-demand band either, as they're not content to simply emulate the past, instead preferring to push the genre on to pastures new.

'Let It Bleed' is the first full-length from Sir Gregory Fuck Knight and co. and sees them tackling the conventional guitar/bass/drums format in a more experimental way than some. The regular trash that begins 'Knight Terrors' soon gives way to a psychedelic soup of pounding bass and drums and squalling guitar distortion, it's more than a little acid-fried. The punk buzz of 'Kristina!' has the feel of an original 45 circa '77 and includes a blazing solo and a compelling vocal, it's immediately followed by the 60s psych-pop bop of 'Materialize Soon'. The stop/start beat, trumpet and backwards guitar mean that album opener 'Abrasions' is also bang on the money.

It's this kind of variety and the willingness to incorporate different sounds that gives 'Let It Bleed' a certain edge and adds depth and originality to a tried and tested format. It also means that Fuck Knights may be on the way to adding their name to the illustrious list of modern day garage heroes they've  had the pleasure of sharing a stage with thus far. Definitely worthy of attention.

Fuck Knights - "Abrasions" b/w "Materialize Soon by fukn

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