Monday 24 October 2011

Los Explosivos - Primeras Grabaciones

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This is the second album from Mexican garage-punks Los Explosives although the title translates as First Recordings. 'Primeras Grabaciones' is a full throttle assault on the ears, with the controls set to 'blisteringly frenetic' and the needles firmly lodged in the red. It's not only the fact that nine of the ten tracks are sung in their native tongue that make the lyrics indecipherable to English speaking ears, the vocals are a red-raw primeval scream, loaded with distortion. They could be singing about anything, but deep and meaningful lyrics aren't really the point.

Dirty riffs prevail and cymbals are smashed as frequently as most bands use a snare. There's a definite lo-fi aesthetic here, the whole thing sounds as though it was recorded in one take - it could almost be a live album. Los Explosivos clatter their way through all ten tracks in little over quarter of an hour, while it's definitely an exhilarating experience there's little in the way of variety (besides a touch of organ on album closer 'Crusher', a positively epic composition by their standards, clocking in at a mighty two minutes nineteen seconds), but given the whirlwind duration this is a minor point.

Invigorating yet slightly challenging, 'Primeras Grabaciones' is either the ultimate hangover cure, designed for blowing cobwebs away, or the borderline thrash is likely to make a bad situation worse and leave you with a throbbing headache. Either way it's certainly worth drinking to.

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