Wednesday 26 October 2011

Mahoney & The Moment - Mahoney & The Moment

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The particular brand of alt-country created by Anglo-American duo Mahoney & The Moment is the traditional, unadorned variety. It's the kind that will fall flat on its face unless the bare bones at its core, the songs themselves, are up to scratch. In keeping the production and arrangements simple M&TM leave their songwriting exposed, with no place to hide. This stripped back approach has paid dividends here, allowing the album to breathe and to keep the focus purely on the tunes, and what a fine set of tunes they are.

'When She Smiles Back At Me' and 'Manhattan Girl Again' are both reminiscent of Ryan Adams' better acoustic moments, the dual vocals of the latter working especially well. The breezy 'If You Only Asked Me To'  shows the wonderful purity of Emily Moment's voice, and this purity runs through the entire album regardless of who takes the lead. The delicate instrumentation couldn't be better suited to the compositions and it's the more delicate moments that delight the most, letting the songs carry themselves. The likes of 'Roadtrip II' and 'Waiting Games' boast a sound clarity that's all too rare.

If it's rock 'n' roll thrills you're after, this album won't be for you, and neither will you find much in the way of innovation, but those looking for a simple romantic beauty and songs that demand to be played again and again will find plenty here to fall in love with. 'Mahoney And The Moment' is an album that many will cherish for some time.

  Mahoney & The Moment by Mahoney & The Moment

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