Tuesday 4 October 2011

Band to check out: Panda Riot

If you're a fan of noisy early 90s shoegaze you might want to lend an ear to Chicago revivalists Panda Riot who's music is a blend of Cocteau Twins, Medicine, Jesus & Mary Chain and Lush. Or in their words - "its kinda like shoegaze-y guitar stuff a drum machine playing dancey drum beats, dub bass lines and female vocals secretly singing sometimes about Deleuze and art school girls of doom."

The band members are Brian, Rebecca, Justin, Jose, a drum machine and a keyboard plugged into a death metal pedal. This slightly unorthadox set up means that whilst taking many an influence from other bands, they also have their own unique sound. Their debut album was released in late 2007 but check out a couple of more recent tracks.

Brand new track 'Serious Radical Girls'

and from last year's 'Far And Near EP' - 'Motown Glass'

Panda Riot's website

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