Monday 10 October 2011

Out This Week - 10th October 2011

Artery - Standing Still

The first incarnation of post-punks Artery lasted from 1978-85. It was Jarvis Cocker who persuaded them to reform in 2007 to play at Meltdown. After a slight line up reshuffle they're releasing 'Civilisation', their first album in 27 years today. Single 'Standing Still' sounds remarkably contemporary with its throbbing bass and bellowing vocals. Thankfully age hasn't mellowed them at all. Hit the arrow below to get it for free.

01 Standing Still by Bright Lights PR

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Girls - Honey Bunny

Girls' first album got the music world quite excited, and the follow up has achieved that feat again, gaining even more acclaim than the debut. This latest single from 'Father, Son, Holy Ghost' takes 60s surf and a strangely familiar melody (somebody help me out, what song does it sound like?!) to create something simple and effective, like a twisted update on an early Beach Boys love song.

Girls - Honey Bunny by pillowjungle

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Braids - Peach Wedding

This week sees the release of a split 7” single featuring a track from Purity Ring and, on the flip-side, this new track from Canadian dream-poppers Braids. 'Peach Wedding' is lush and swoonsome with a triumphant chorus. The effect is like a modern day wall of sound washing out of the speakers. Hopefully this is a taste of what to expect from their third album.

Braids, Peach Wedding by dance yrself clean

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Jeffrey Lewis - Cult Boyfriend

Anti-folk survivor Jeffrey Lewis' new album 'A Turn In The Dream-Songs' is in shops now. 'Cult Boyfriend' is taken from it and is packed with humour and depreciating lyrics. It's all very college-rock but Lewis' madcap ideas make him a cut above the rest. This kind of goofball thing shouldn't be so damn likeable, but such is the wit involved, it's impossible not to.

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Wild Flag - Romance

Comprising of former members from underground heroes Sleater-Kinney, Helium and The Minders, Wild Flag's pedigree is plain to see. Their self-titled debut is out today and they're offering 'Romance' as a free sample. Things start off in a fairly routine way but the song builds to become something pretty darn special with a chorus from the top drawer and a handclapping breakdown. It sounds like it was almost as much fun to record as it is to listen to.

Wild Flag - Romance by Wichita Recordings

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