Tuesday 18 October 2011

Mummy Short Arms - Change

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The first thing that strikes you when listening to 'Change', the second single from Glaswegians Mummy Short Arms, is the bellowing growl of vocalist James Allan. If you can picture an insane Tom Waits morphing into a werewolf below a full moon then you're half way there. The shrieks sound both desperate and psychotic, elevating an already great tune into something to behold. The ponderous harmonica and guitar strums add a swamp-like feel to the bluesy rock dynamic. Although Mummy Short Arms are blessed with a slightly unorthodox sound there is enough quality here to also appeal to those with less adventurous ears. B-side 'Where's The Mortuary?' is another stellar effort, listening to these tracks it's difficult to believe this is only their second single; they have the confidence and the fully formed ideas of seasoned old pros. A first-rate single on more than one level.

MUMMY SHORT ARMS - Change by Flowers In The Dustbin

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