Wednesday 26 October 2011

Five For Free #23

Two Wounded Birds - Think The World Of You

Fresh from playing this year's Swn Festival in Cardiff, Margate quartet Two Wounded Birds will be releasing their new single 'Together Forever' next Monday (Halloween). B-side 'Think The World Of You' is good enough to be a single in its own right, with ticking drums, twinkling piano and a forlorn vocal making for an atmospheric listen. Hit the download arrow and it's yours.

Two Wounded Birds, 'Think The World Of You' by nmemagazine

Two Wounded Birds website

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Grimes - Oblivion

Grimes is the musical project of Montreal resident Claire Boucher. Her new single 'Oblivion' begins with Kraftwerk-style electronic pulses which underpin the whole track. Boucher's vocals are part Kate Bush and part Alex Winston. 'Oblivion' is a hybrid of styles and results in a light yet brooding alternative pop song, catchy enough to sell and edgy enough to gain critical acclaim.

Grimes - Oblivion by knucklerumblerdotcom

Grimes on Myspace

The Strange Boys - Me And You

Austin, Texas' favourite 60s garage indebted sons The Strange Boys are back with a new album 'Live Music' which is in shops this week. To get you in the mood they're offering album track 'Me And You' as a free download. This track sees them shedding their previous garage sound in favour of a lovely mid-paced, piano led number topped of, as always, with Ryan Sambol's quirky voice.

The Strange Boys on Myspace

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Wet Illustrated - Gypsy Town

Also hitting the shops this week is the new album from San Franciscan trio Wet Illustrated. Taken from '1x1x1' is this track, 'Gypsy Town' which has a similar retro feel, again harking back to 60s garage but adding a post-punk/indie-type feel to things. 'Gypsy Town' is upbeat and ramshackle as it clatters along with a certain bouncy, vibrant charm.

Wet Illustrated- Gypsy Town by truepanther

Wet Illustrated on Myspace

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Man Without Country - King Complex

"There's no such thing as bad publicity" sing Cardiff's Man Without Country on this track from their debut EP 'King Complex'. Oh yeah? Well try telling that to Gary Glitter. 'King Complex' is a wonderful mix of electro and guitar-pop with a widescreen sound that indicates they may be destined for big things. They're supporting M83 in December, and that sounds like a very good night out indeed.

Man Without Country, 'King Complex' by nmemagazine

Man Without Country's website

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