Thursday 13 October 2011

For Abel - Yorkshire

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With the news this week that UK unemployment figures have reached a 17 year high, the timing of For Abel's latest single from their 'Greater Inventions' album is perfect. The vitriol contained in 'Yorkshire' is directed at the coalition's failure to look after the country's working classes. It does so in some style too, with vibrant guitars and a bouncy, relentless bass line as they bemoan “all the promises” that have been broken. It's difficult not to think of The Wedding Present at their most sprightly; even with a political message this is pure ear candy for those who like their guitars lively and animated and their lyrics impassioned. Flip-side 'On TV' is also well worth the money and is similarly powerful and energetic. There may be nothing particularly new about what For Abel are doing but they do it extremely well. A bit like all the best British indie bands of the past 30 years rolled into one. 

FOR ABEL - Yorkshire by Flowers In The Dustbin

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