Tuesday 25 October 2011

Thee Vicars - Every Day/Don't Wanna Be Free

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The beat explosion is alive and well in the heads of the trio that make up the new, slimmed down Thee Vicars line up. Not only is it still alive, it's positively thriving and the two tracks on this, their new single, sound as vital as many of the originators. The band's sound is as sharp as the suits and boots they wear and they don't half generate a big noise for a three piece. 'Every Day' struts its stuff urgently before blossoming into a searing guitar wig-out, if this had been recorded in 64 it would be a stone-cold classic. 'Don't Wanna Be Free' has a similar feel to that of The Kinks rougher moments and is played with the kind of economy that ensures not a note or a beat is wasted. It's all been done before of course, but Thee Vicars know exactly what they're up to and have a superb understanding, and it's those two facts that give these two tracks an authenticity that few other garage revivalists possess. Thrilling stuff.

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