Wednesday 19 October 2011

Hatcham Social - Like An Animal

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At another point in time, when guitar music was more in vogue, London quartet Hatcham Social would surely have broken the top 40 by now. As it stands, with a debut album and a string of excellent singles (including 'Murder In The Dark', 'Crocodiles' and the superlative 'So So Happy Making') under their belt, they're still relative unknowns. With a follow up prepped and ready to go, one hopes they'll reach a wider audience this time around. And so to the first single from the forthcoming “guitar-heavy” album 'About Girls': 'Like An Animal' does see a modest change of sound, it's less quirky than previous releases and the shades of baggy and 80s indie have been erased. Unfortunately this makes the whole thing rather more conventional and therefore slightly anonymous. Where in the past Hatcham Social's sound was stamped with their own hallmarks, they now seem more ubiquitous. 'Like An Animal' could be by any number of bands. It's a decent enough track but you can't help but feel it's lacking the spark that made them so enticing in the first place. Those gold discs might have to wait a little longer.

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