Thursday 6 October 2011

Five For Free #18

Lonely Dear - My Heart

To Sweden first off, and singer-songwriter Emil Svan√§ngen, better know as Lonely Dear. He's been making records for the best part of a decade but only began receiving international recognition with a 2007 album released on Sup Pop. 'My Heart' is taken from new album 'Hall Music', out this week on Polyvinyl Records. It's charming chiming bells and plodding bass make for a lovely, lush listen.

Loney dear - My Heart by The Line Of Best Fit

Lonely Dear's website

Buy the album.

Cate Le Bon - Puts Me To Work

No relation to Simon, Welsh songstress Cate Le Bon's debut album 'Me Oh My' was a collection a quirky acoustic folk. Also known for her work with Neon Neon and tours supporting Super Furry Animals, Cate is set to release her second LP early in 2012. First track 'Puts Me To Work' carries on in the off-kilter manner of her debut, which is fine by us!

Cate Le Bon "Puts Me To Work" by Controlgroupco

Free download: Puts Me To Work

Cate Le Bon's website

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Is Tropical - The Greeks

Is Tropical's album 'Native To' was released in the summer to good reviews. They're now offering up the pacey, danceable 'The Greeks' as a free download. Any band with the Kitsune stamp of approval is usually worth checking out and Is Tropical is no exception. With this kind of hybrid experimentalism it's easy to see how they ended up touring with Klaxons.

Is Tropical - The Greeks by The Recommender

Is Tropical's (rather scary) website

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SleepOver - Romantic Streams

The enigmatic SleepOver put out their album 'Forever' at the end of last month. Taken from it is 'Romantic Streams', a dubby, ethereal dreamscape which washes over you - complete with wave effects. A listen to the album in full could become quite hypnotic. In other words - perfect for happily drifting off to!

Sleep ∞ Over - Romantic Streams by Hippos In Tanks

SleepOver's website

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Lost Boy - Chew

Around this time last year, Lost Boy appeared on a Sound Of Confusion download mixtape with the terrific, energetic buzz of 'Fast Burn'. Now he's giving away another track from his recently released cassette EP 'USA USA'. 'Chew' is a slightly more sedate piece of lo-fi, punky powerpop. It's surprising this guy isn't getting more press.

Free download: Chew

Lost Boy on Myspace

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The Sound Of Confusion on Myspace

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